Tuesday, November 26, 2013

California Coast

long hallway with five tiny bedrooms on the sides
Simple Life
This San Francisco girl living in Umbria has made it home with her girls and we are lavishing every moment here on the California coast.

Oh how I love the smell of the Pacific Ocean, the twinkling orange lights of San Francisco.

I have so much already that I want to share with you, but I am limping along with other's computers, as mine is having problems, it makes it hard to work and to write.  So if I disappear for a while you will know that I am unable technically to handle much, but also we are enjoying the much needed time with friends and family.

this is not our house,  I do love the faded hydrandea

I do have to show you a winter garden in Napa Valley, a cool alternative houseboat community in Sausalito and some cottage style houses that the California coast is known for, it is all so old and solid in my heart, then fun and fresh to bring to this Diario di Design.

I hear that it is snowing in Umbria.  Life on the California coast is supreme, people in the sand, in the shower, chatting on the deck, the hills settling into water, American coffee, something cooking, the holidays are brewing.  I am excited and filled with gratitude just to be home and breathing in the air.

I am also so thankful for all of you, my friends and readers around the world.  I want to inspire you all to slow down and savor the moments that bring you joy and peace.  To keep your creativity going, and take time to relish in it.

To those in America Happy Thanksgiving and to everyone else I wish you tranquility and happiness.

Simple as that, embrace it.

how cool is this house, I couldn't find this in Umbria cheers!
With affection,


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  1. How nice that were able to make it back for Thanksgiving. That's quite a long trip so I hope you get to stay for a good while. Enjoy your stay!