Friday, November 22, 2013

Velvet Ribbons

I love it that the holidays are coming and we can wallow in the moments of joy.

I searched all over my Medieval city for velvet ribbon, I got it in my head that I must find velvet ribbon.  I did finally find bright red and rich earth brown in the sewing store.
velvet ribbon for the holidays

This way we can wrap up things in velvet ribbon and it instantly becomes a little present.

I made homemade pain au chocolat, butter and dark chocolate stuffed in yeast bread with a little sugar. Yum, then wrapped them up in aluminum foil and a velvet ribbon for school or a work snack.

homemade bread with chocolate

I like the ribbon used as fastening for a love note.
on second thought
the love note would have been cooler
inside the bottle

Hot chocolate, brown velvet ribbon and a hot pink azalea,  The holidays are here!

Decoration on a bunch of berries left on my baby girl's cushion.

strawberries from a tree

Doesn't velvet ribbon just start up the holiday season with a touch of festa?


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  1. Your last two photos are simple...perfect.

    I love the brown actually. It rich and decadent and unexpected. Do you have a little Thanksgiving celebration in Italy?