Sunday, December 22, 2013

I love Christmas in Italy

Il Vischio- Mistletoe
I love Christmas in Italy.

Today is the day after the Winter Solstice, from now on in our hemisphere the days are getting longer, brighter.

I think this will be our tenth Christmas in Italy and I must say I love it.

Alfredo my park ranger boyfriend found Mistletoe (Il Vischio) in the forest and brought it home to me.  If he had hung it in our short Medieval doorways we would have to crawl under it.  Now we have a chair for kissing under.  Italians believe it brings good fortune.

It rarely snows in our valley in Umbria, as it does in the mountains around us.  We always are hoping for snow.

Hope brings joy.

A foggy Christmas is lovely too.

It makes everything blurry and the colors soft and bright.
Christmas in Italy

Here is proof we really do live the simple life.  Just bliss pushing the tree home on the bike with gloves on and sucking on candy canes.  Ellie my little one refused to let them rope it up, as they like to do here in Italy.
Medieval wall, bike and Christmas tree

Since our living room is my paint studio this means the Christmas tree is in my bedroom. It’s pretty fantastic to snuggle in bed with the Christmas tree a glow.

Christmas in Umbria

I saved a baby sock from when Lucia was a baby

some of our ornaments are from my childhood
MANY years ago they are antique now!

I recommend it.

This year we had a party with Elisa and her-ten-year old girlfriends.  They made cookies with mashed up candy canes inside.  The hammering part was fun!

mashed candy canes and dough from
a chocolate chip cookie recipe -YUMMM

Pink roses and a red candle.

crazy yellow ring on the candle

The girls seem to check on an hourly basis to see if more presents are put under the tree.

Art in progress, books to read, cyclamen and vintage Christmas balls.

art in progress

I hope you are all happy and warm and savoring every moment.

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  1. I love the branch hanging on your wall with a simple ribbon. So pretty. As is the shot of the tree in your bedroom. Just lovely.
    Merry Christmas, Natalie!