Houses Covered in Vines - Napa Valley

Structures covered in vines.

Here we are in Vine City.
There is too much going on for this little simple life of mine.

Beaulieu Vineyards

Vines to the sky

The vines they take over and a have a life of their own.

Here in Napa Valley they are also curated, sampled, trimmed and deeply loved.

Now the mustard flowers are as high as the vines
Sette Design Shop

Design Question:
Could you, would you live in a home covered in vines?

Do you already?

cool done modern and sharp

To be honest for a moment, something about it seems a little scary to me.  Then I'm intrigued by the beauty and grace of a house that grows and changes with the seasons.

Visually, I am obsessed with Houses Covered in Vines and that is why I brought them to you.

With affection,

Sette Design Shop


  1. Natalie, you crack me up with your "obsession" with houses covered in vines! For some reason, it just makes me laugh. I would live in a house with vines growing on it, but not covered with vines. It depends what the structure is made of, too. In a practical sense, you don't want vines growing under the siding on your house, but on brick I think as long as the vines are trimmed around windows and doors and not running wild they can look very charming. I see what you mean, though, about it feeling a little scary to have your house totally covered with vines. Kind of like a haunted house that's been neglected for years and who knows what's inside.

    It's an interesting subject, anyway, and the photos you've posted are quite amazing. Some of the vines look quite heavy-duty--not like ivy or Morning Glory at all! Which are what I think of when I imagine a vine-covered house or cottage.

    So you are back in Umbria? And you are very busy. Are you doing a lot of painting projects? I hope you can make some relaxation time for yourself. It must be hectic relocating every few months. Take care of yourself. Will look forward to your next posts.

    Naomi S.

  2. Hello Naomi
    I'm glad I crack you up and it must mean you have "obsessions of your own" design obsessions are always good.
    I'm presently in Napa Valley and it is a gorgeous Spring day.

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