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Natalie Mitchell

I'm available for Painting Technique Seminars and I paint interiors commercial and residential anywhere.

My website with some examples of my work:  www.settedesign.com

About Sette Design and Me

Sette Design is named because of the 7 (sette) colors of the rainbow.  It is a painting company for interiors and furniture.  Then in November of 2012 I started this Diario di Design (blog) because I wanted to reach out to the world of color, design and inspiration.  I love color and think about color all the time.  I absolutely love to read the stats and see what countries read my Diario today.  So please keep coming back because I see you out there.

Right now I am trying to live and work between the worlds of Napa Valley,. California and Umbria, Italy.  I am creating an on line store called Sette Design Shop.  It will have vintage treasure from both worlds as well as pieces that I have created and embellished all for home decor and living in design.  I hope my store will go live end of August 2016.  We hope you will come back and check us out.


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  1. Natalie, I love your website/blog. Your work is so lively and lovely. Modern and antique. Please add me to your email list. I want to hear about your e-classes, although I'd rather be in Umbria with you. Suzanne Carreiro, in St. Helena CA