Thursday, December 5, 2013

Flowers for the Festivities

I can’t  believe it is December already.  I am very excited.  I love December, it is my birthday month and I have a bunch of cool friends born in December also.  Plus I'm still on the California Coast so that to me equals happiness.

December means festivities.

My sister is a natural born entertainer.  It comes naturally to her and she has a worker bee attitude and knows how to prepare for the party so when the party happens there is less work to be done and she can enjoy herself.  It’s that the best kind of party.

She is also talented at displaying flowers as you can see.

Plus she brought some Pamelos which the girls and I had never seen before, they taste yummy too.  They are kind of like a sweet grapefruit.

Candles and flowers and fruit and of course food and wine, family and friends and the holidays shine bright.

With affection,

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