Red Italian House - Exterior Color

Wait … is it really a Red Italian House, or is it Deep Pink, Burnt Orange, Rust, Coral?  What color do you see?  I like to argue about color and the funny thing about that, is we always think that we are right because it is what we see!

I have been driving by this house for years and from a distance it looks deep pink, then when I come in closer it becomes harder to define, so therefore I actually get to argue with myself.  Whatever color this house is, it is fabulous, amazing, splendid, an excellent color choice.

Here is why.
The color encompasses the countryside around it, the brown earth in Winter and brilliant yellow sunflowers in the Summer, Pink Crepe Myrtle trees.
The earthy toned tile roof is perfect (absorbs the hot color).
The classic dark green (almost black) shutters are a good accent.
The wide boarder of Creamy-Yellow around the windows is what makes the color contrast interesting (white would be too much).

This is my simple inspiration for today.  I wonder if you have the courage to paint your home this color?  Would your neighbors talk behind your back?  I know your answer?  Yes if I lived in Italy.


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