Springtime and Vintage Italian Sheets

Now that it is Springtime,  I want to highlight my amazing Vintage Italian Sheets that I have for sale at Sette Design Shop.  They are made of heavy Cotton and some of Cannabis from many years back.  They can have many different uses.  I had a 8 foot long one that I used as a curtain in my paint studio in Italy.  I ran a cable from one wall to the other and use clip curtain rings, then I took the corner behind to fill with junk I didn’t want to see.  It became useful as a backdrop too for styling and photographing my designs. Here is an old post with the backdrop.

Other ideas could be.

A table cloth for Easter lunch.
Way cool tent (fort) for the kids, clothes pins can do amazing things!
Bed sheets
Bed cover
I love the idea to add an outdoor curtain on the porch for shade or romantic dinners. Soon I'm going to do a post on porches, we have some great porches in the Wine Country.

Sette Design Shop is looking so pretty now with a mix of handmade, hand painted, Vintage Italian and Country Napa Valley. Imagine brass candelabras, colored glass, wire and pearl baskets!

Here is the link directly to the Linens section of my shop.  Click Here
You can go to Products to see other treasures and joy.

Happy Spring my darlings, on March 12 in the US, we change our clocks forward. I love the saying "Spring forward - Fall back".
Arn't we all just trying to spring forward and not fall back?

 With Affection,

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