Inside Winter Garden

I remember when I was young and going to Art and Design School in Brooklyn, I loved to look at the bare black trees reaching for the Winter sky.  Here presently in California the spring flowers are already starting to bloom, even if the Winter rains are still here in force blowing apart the streets and trees and branches falling, rivers rising. It is nice to create a calm sanctuary inside.

I like to bring a little Winter inside and light candles, drink tea and read books.

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I used a fallen branch with lichen and moss tied to a hook in the wall with a forest green velvet ribbon (gorgeous), white roses (with a hint of pink) in tiny tomato can, voltive candles, simple and easy Sette Design style.


With affection,

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  1. Oooh, I love your combination of items for your Winter Garden, Natalie! The white roses are sweet in their little can and in the bowl. And adding the white candleholders is just right. We do all need a little Winter Garden right now when longings for Spring are tugging at us. Thanks for the inspiration!