Distressed Country Table

I’m very excited to show you this Distressed Country Table, my design for our kitchen table.  The boards were originally being created for a long table to be put on trestles (saw horses) that I want to wholesale to stores in my area and have my clients be able to order it in any size they want. When I put the stucco on the boards it flaked off after about a month.  Big disappointment, now I’m working with kiln dried wood and we will see if that works better.

Sette Design Shop

Then I used the boards for styling for this blog and for many of the photos on my online store -here you can see Sette Design Shop.

When I decided to use the tressel table boards and build a kitchen table.  I wanted the legs chunky and fat, so that they would be heavy and stable enough to support the top without adding cross sections and my little family with all their long legs would be able to sit directly at the table. 

Once the stucco flaked off on the boards, I just painted it with this off white – pale white-grey color
(Benjamin Moore 2133-70 Satin finish).  This color is amazing because it adds another level of tone to white and makes everything look so incredibly hip.  What was cool is when the stucco flaked off it did remain in some places in the form of the wood grain and therefore adding  a beautiful effect to the distressing.

Sette Design Shop

I can’t really do a DIY on this project because of all the accidents that affected the finish, but here is some advice for you, when you are painting and distressing furniture it is a good idea to just keep adding layers, wiping and sanding them off, add wax add gold leaf, use colors that you love in similar shades and it will turn out amazing.

Good luck!
Go paint something or just go make a cappuccino and think about your next creative project.

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  1. The look of the table is amazing. Maybe the stucco flaking off is a good thing. I love how the layers compliment each other.

  2. "Just go paint something". Ha, ha! I am getting ready to do just that. Not sure what, exactly, but am dying to get my brush into the paint. The table turned out well, I think. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. It's beautiful, I love it! I need one asap! Thank you for sharing at Sweet Inspiration!

  4. I love the chippy look of this table!! So beautiful!