The Game of Peace

Buon San Valentino.

I love stones.  You may  have heard me mention this before.  I do not love games, but today for Valentines I'm going to tell you about a Game of Peace that I have created.  It is really simple and fun (classic Sette Design stuff). Secretely and openly I'm hoping all the cousins, sisters, daughters that live on our compound here in the gorgeous Napa Valley will join in and play too.

All you do is move a chosen stone around the garden, courtyard, front porch, drive way where ever you choose, and create a scene that is beautiful or just that it looks like the stone has been placed with thought and with love and care. Then when members of our family walk by they can note that the stone has moved and as they pass by, take a moment of peace in their heart, breath and think of peace.

Believe for that moment that peace will come to the world and to your family.

Whenever anyone wants to join in the game, they can move the stone and therefor bring peace to others.

Soon if the game works, just seeing the stone will bring a trigger reaction of peace in your body.

I am absolutely certain we all need and desire more PEACE!

Join in the game!

Here is a link to Stones for Peace from my blog years back- other crazy stone design stuff.  

Cheers and with affection,
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