A Christmas Scene

I was creating this beautiful Christmas still life, when Lucia walked by and said, “Oh it’s so pretty.” 
I said,  “It’s my Christmas Scene.”
“No it’s more fall.”
Shocked (and dismayed), I tried to look at it as an Autumn scene and it just wasn’t.  Ok, I’ll admit that I can conger Christmastime out of nothing, for example I have been known to say “Look at the headlights glowing in this rainy night – It’s Christmastime,”  boots by the fire, of course, peppermint hot chocolate, certainly it is Christmastime!

Here now are my ingredients for “The Scene” that clearly defines it as Noel, Natale and Navidad.

Green velvet (moss green in abundance)
A huge gleaming red pomegranate
A nude (Christmas is art, no?)
Ancient books with gold trim
A hand painted-stucco’d tiny set of drawers (present to be by Sette Design)
Pears - (and a partridge in a pear tree)
Sprigs of rosemary tied with twine and satin ribbon

old books, pomogranite and nude

It is a Christmas Scene.

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