Christmas Eve -Eve Heart in Two Places

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Happy Christmas Eve Eve
I love to say that.

My heart is in 2 places this Christmas.
It is also in some Christmases in the past and some in the future too.
It’s funny as the girls grow up, I feel nostalgic remembering back to a Christmas when they were little.  I can remember one Christmas when Elisa was still a little one, she decided to move all the presents from under the tree into the kitchen.  We would go get the tree and strap the Christmas tree on to the back of my bike and push the bike home.

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1. Small Town Cali.
2. City Italy.

I love the small town California Christmas, red brick, white clapboard, black wet roads.  We have a huge wreath at the beginning of Main Street, from both directions, a wreath of white lights.  The south side entrance has a live Redwood tree, strung with colored lights.

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Sette Design

Italian ciy life feels bustling and loud comparatively, crazy-dreamy Italian architecture and everyone walking about bundled in winter coats and scarves.

This is not my house.  It is just so pretty, gorgeous California Victorian ice blue house.

Here is a flashback from life in an Italian city. The tree by the balcony in our bedroom.

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Flashback to Elisa's small hand on homemade cushed peppermint candycanes in sugar cookies.

Sette Desiogn Crushed Candycane Cookies

I hope you all find yourselves warm, and loved and full of hope this holiday.  If you found you gave a little sneer as you read the word “hope”, then I’m going to giggle with you and say – you can choose to have that sneer or to have hope.

Cheers and laughter and dry up the tears.  Make it full of love.

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  1. I choose hope, Natalie! Even though I have to choose it multiple times in a day or week, not just once. I believe it's the only way to have a happy life despite sometimes difficult circumstances.

    I hope your Christmas was a happy one and the New Year will hold lots of Peace and Joy for you and your girls.

    Naomi S.