It Is Christmastime

I don’t believe in PERFECT.  It was never something that I wanted to achieve.  There are many cultures in the world that believe if you make something perfect you are trying to imitate god and that imperfection lets the soul in.  In creating art they would intentionally make one color woven off or one imperfect form.  When I look at the wall motifs in Italy, each hand painted motif is not the same as the next.  I love that.  It frees us up to have fun.

Yet isn’t this house above just perfect!  I love the scale of big tree, little house.  While going for a walk at twilight with Alfredo (who is here visiting) we came across this house, oh it is just so lovely.

I think that when Christmastime is done in a simple pared down way, it can be heart warming.  Here just a dark green wreath on a kiwi green door – heaven! I look for other kindred souls as I go along my day.  People who understand simplicity and trying to live in simple design.

Candles and hot chocolate with (American) marshmallows.

Sette Design Shop

And a chalkboard sign I had Alfredo write in Italian IT’S CHRISTMAS!

It's Christmas!

The lights go up to our loft bed.  I keep them up all year round.


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